Pay Per Click Advertising Management

Getting targeted website visitors is no longer difficult to do. The internet has made it easy for small businesses to get paid visitors to a website by simply paying for traffic.

Google PPC (pay per click) is a strategy in which you can bid on keywords in the search engines. Google PPC is an exceptional service because:

  • Your SEO might not have kicked in yet
  • Your Local SEO area may be very competitive
  • You want to bid on additional keywords or a competitors brand name

By running Google PPC ads, you can get clicks to your website by paying a small fee per keyword.

Here is how it works…

Say you’re a carpet cleaner in Newark Delaware and someone types in “ Delaware Carpet Cleaners” into Google.

With Google PPC ads, your listing appears at the top of the result as a “sponsored ad” and the user clicks on your result

Your business pays for the click and you now have a chance to convert your website visitor into a customer.

Although this may sound easy, it is extensive management if you want a highly optimized PPC campaign. This is why we recommend letting the pros manage your local PPC campaign.

PPC campaigns need to be continually optimized as bid prices change from day to day. Alliance Inspired Management as an agency bids on the keywords for you by doing extensive research on your competitors and checking to see for which terms they are bidding.

Generally, we recommend nothing less than a $1,500 per month Google Ads budget for a small business.

Unlike our SEO pricing, our PPC pricing is completely dependent on your Google Ads budget.

You may be wondering how can you determine your Google Ads budget? We recommend starting by checking to see what your competitors are spending and go from there.

If you want to request a free audit of your competitors Google Ads campaign strategy, start by contacting us today.

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